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United States Department of Veterans Affairs, previously known as Veteran Administration, offers the VA loan. It is a type of loan available to Veterans, Service Members, and select military spouses. Private lenders such as mortgage agencies are mainly issuing VA loans. United States Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees these institutions. Because they are guaranteed, they do not require mortgage insurance. VA loan program was designed to offer long-term financing to American Veterans or their surviving spouses. Generally, these mortgage loans do not require a down payment. They can allow up to 103.3% financing, which means VA received an extra 3.3%. VA Mortgage Loan limits usually vary by county, with those in higher-cost areas having a larger limit. The borrower can acquire a VA loan for some properties (to buy homes, condos,  etc. It is also considered better than other loans as most other loans are only one-time benefits.


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    These are the VA loan programs that United Mortgage Plus offers:

    0% Down VA Program 

    We have exclusive benefits for those who have served our country. Our elite VA offers special mortgage terms to veterans of the armed forces.

    • FICO starting at 720
    • $175,000 minimum loan amount
    • No Down Payment is required
    • Cash-out allowed up to 100% LTV4
    • Refinance your current loan up to 150% of the property value
    VA Elite

    Take your VA loan to a new level with industry-leading government rates and pricing.

    •  Low FICO score
    • The maximum loan amount can exceed county limits
    • All fixed or ARM term mortgages
    • Single-family primary residences
    VA I.R.R.R.L.

    We serve those who have bravely served in the Armed Forces with our VA IRRRL with no appraisal. Veterans can utilize their VA benefits by streamlining their current VA loan into a lower interest rate.

    • LTVs available up to 150%, unlimited CLTV
    • No minimum FICO Credit
    • No appraisal
    • The maximum loan amount can exceed county limits
    • AVM ran prior to submission
    • Elite pricing is available

    Advantages of VA Loan Program

    VA loans program has made buying a house more manageable and more convenient. It obliges a lower credit score and has helped apply the not-so-successful people to buy their own homes. It is easier to meet the requirements for this loan than any other loan: e.g., FHA loan. If a borrower can’t afford the down payment, a lender will likely look at the loan as a riskier investment. The lender then requires that the homebuyer take out PMI, also known as private mortgage insurance, to get a mortgage. Still, the difference is that a VA loan program requires no down payment. Therefore, there is no private mortgage insurance(PMI). Also, a higher debt/income is allowed and the interest rates are ordinarily low for this loan; it also allows borrowers to obtain better interest rates via refinancing. There is no prepayment penalty. Unlike other loans, VA Loan is a lifetime benefit. 

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