Investment Loan Programs

Investment loan programs

Investment loan programs by United Mortgage Plus are offered to those clients who are looking to purchase investment properties

There are several types of investment loan programs, and there is a certain criteria that borrowers are required to meet. Choosing the wrong kind of mortgage program can affect the success of your investment, therefore it’s important to understand the requirements of each kind of mortgage program and how different alternatives work prior to approaching a lender.

Here are the most important points you need to know before inquiring for our investment loan programs.

  • No income, no assets verification
  • 75% LTV Purchase 3/1 or 7/1 ARM
  • Business purpose, Non-owner occupancy only
  • 70% LTV Rate and Term or Cash Out Refinance
  • The Rent must be 1.2x mortgage payment
  • Down payment and closing costs to be sources and seasoned
  • $100,000 minimum loan amount
  • No prepayment penalty
Why Choose Investment Loan

Why Choose Investment Loan?

There are many reasons why we should opt for investment loans and one of those is when we go with regular investment, we actually are using our own money. However, in leveraged investing, we invest someone else’s money and that means we can invest a much bigger amount. This is also beneficial if we are looking  to generate passive income

An investment loan program acquires a return for its financial lender. Investment Loan investors expand their profit by utilizing their initial installment, the length of the restitution terms, and the loan fee. In addition, a financial lender can use investment loans to make additional money when they need to rent an affordable home or by recovering assets to increase value and income.

There are usually several reasons to acquire an investment loan. One is to purchase a small asset like a vehicle, which depreciates and loses its value over a period of time or, by investing in large assets like a home or RSP, which has upside potential. With investment loans, borrowers invest in larger assets which increase in value over the long run.

However, investment loan properties and assets are viewed as more dangerous than one’s individual cash. The reason behind this is that if something turns out badly and the property loses cash for the financial lender, it is simpler to leave a property if it is not your home.

It is vital to go over the kinds of loans that are on hand to property investors. While there are many different funding loan alternatives out there, they all tend to lie under one of three categories.

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