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Existing home sales slipped in June, with the blame again placed on low levels of inventory.  The decline in sales, announced on Monday by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), was anticipated, as pending home sales have decreased in each of the previous three months, ticking down by 0.8 p
Most of the major proposals for reforming the housing finance system rely on two steps to minimize the risk that any one or two institutions, and in today's environment that would mean the GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, can pose to the mortgage market.  Current proposals require that any inst
Mortgage rates held steady today, which leaves them in line with the lowest levels in July.  In underlying bond markets (bond movement directly impacts lenders' rate offerings), it was an exceptionally quiet day--especially for mortgage-related bonds.   Activity should increase somewhat as
Mortgage rates moved abruptly higher today, erasing the improvement seen last week.  An entire week's worth of movement may or may not be worth stressing out about depending on your perspective.  On one hand, we're only talking about a change of roughly 0.06% in terms of the "effective
What should lenders and loan officers be concerned about? What’s threatening their livelihood, besides all cash buyers, venture capital firms buying houses for rentals, and Baby Boomers staying put with their 3.5% 30-year mortgages? How about Lenders bid on borrower'